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SLG Chemicals Inc., manufactures trusted brands that have been a part of consumers’ lives for decades. Our portfolio includes enzyme-based cleaners that make messes disappear. We’re committed to producing high quality products that are effective, non-toxic and safe to use around kids and pets. The SLG Chemicals Inc., portfolio includes a subsidiary company, Neoteric Cosmetics, which is focused on the personal care category and is committed to create effective and trustworthy products that help improve consumer lives.  

Kids’N’Pets is an award-winning stain and odor remover safe for the entire family to use. The non-toxic formula breaks down stains and odors naturally with the stain-fighting power of enzymes. Big mess? No Big deal.

Messy Pet started with Messy Pet Cat Stain and Odor Remover and has grown into a line of 8 specialty pet cleaning and training products. Messy Dog Pet Stain and Odor Remover, Litter Box Deodorizer, Potty Training, Hairball Cleaner, Fabric Refresher, Drool Remover, and Pet Training Deterrent complete the lineup.

Neoteric Diabetic skincare delivers a clinically proven cream developed for the specific needs of people living with diabetes who may suffer from rough, dry, or slow-healing skin.

Denorex has been on the market since 1971. The family of products are uniquely formulated to provide maximum relief from dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis on the scalp. Denorex delivers unparalleled results for scalp health.

The shampoo that is effective against dandruff yet gentle on your hair. Zincon controls dandruff flaking while leaving hair clean, shiny, and manageable. It is the dandruff shampoo you can make your regular shampoo.